Current mood: salty. Very, very salty.

Dear general female audience (everyone else can eavesdrop):

Here’s a guide to understanding if I’m interested in you or not. It has nothing to do with how I look at you or what I say to you. It has zero to do with any little sign or clue that you can interpret to mean that I want you. Just because I like something on your social media (or don’t like) doesn’t mean we’re getting married or that I hate you. Clues, cues, and signs aren’t to be found in my body language, where my eyes go, how I square my shoulders, my hips, where I sit, what I eat, drink, or wear, or how I position my feet. It’s not encoded in some sly way by what I say or how I say it.

Rather, my true interest–regardless of “the feels”–has everything to do with the woman who is at least this…

  • an active, Christ-following, Christ-honoring woman
  • a woman of prayer
  • virtuous and compassionate; not vice-ridden and selfish
  • fortitudinous, not cowardly
  • well-trained in the scriptures
  • in love with the things of God and not the things of the world
  • financially intelligent
  • hard working and industrious
  • family oriented
  • internationally minded
  • having the same destination in mind as I do
  • single, never married
  • college educated, but still learning
  • health oriented
  • beautiful (as I define that and not what everyone else thinks that should be for me)

If that’s you, minimally, then you might actually interest me.

If that’s not you or if you’re wondering what I mean by (fill in the blank), then maybe don’t entertain the thought I want you that way. It will save you grief whether you want me (and want me to want you) or want to avoid me just because you think I want you (and you think that’s gross).

One more crucial consideration: I’m genuinely not looking for my wife until I’m back overseas. So for the vast majority of you, that means…


Have a nice day.


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