Psalm 131

This morning’s psalm speaks of humility. The context in which this psalm was written isn’t given. We can safely observe, however, that David–himself a highly intelligent man–advocated simplicity and trust in the Lord.

We often will come into situations that seem to over tax us emotionally, intellectually, physically, etc. At some point it becomes necessary to stop investing so much energy in essentially beating a dead horse. It will only prove to be a “great matter”–something “too wonderful” for us. It’s in those moments that we must go before the Father and release those things to Him. Let Him work out the details of how to deliver you from “great matters.” We thus learn humility and trust.

Is there a “great matter” in your life overwhelming you? Do you feel like you have to deal with it on your own? Do you think that makes you stronger? Or is there a better strength in learning to do your best and let the Lord take up the matter when it becomes overwhelming? Can you learn to still and quiet your soul before the Lord? Can you come to the place where, just as a child is secure in the presence of their mother,  you can feel secure in the presence of our God?

“Cast all your anxiety on him, because he cares for you” (1 Peter 5:7)


One thought on “Psalm 131

  1. Hi Mattburger1973,

    Peace be with you. You impress me a lot on your posts. It has been a while finding no one who can elaborate on the Lord’s or His Scriptures.
    With the humility that a Saint answered to someone aboit what would help us to go free from temptations, sins, evils and such: Humility will do that, in Christ of course. So, with humility, i would like to stay in touch with you because i am sure that i can help you to go forth and you can help me as well. I have lots to say but no one enough open minded to the Lord’s work, His creation. Especially with what pleases Him a lot, His Scriptures.
    So, because i am looking to please The Lord more and more, I am looking forward to exchange with you. I will leave that to the Lord’s hands and His blessings.
    Peace be really with you man!


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